Wherever possible, Oaktree products come with a full guarantee, giving customers additional peace of mind.

Each range has its own specific guarantee so please see individual products for details.

Our industry leading guarantees include:

  • Lifetime guarantees – Decolourisation of uPVC profile on white uPVC casement and tilt-turn windows
  • Lifetime guarantee against fog and condensation between the panes of the sealed units
  • 25-year guarantee against decolourisation of the profile on Aluminium windows
  • 30-year guarantee against rot and fungus on timber casement, sash and dual turn windows
  • Comprehensive 10-year guarantee as standard on all new windows
  • 5-year guarantee on paint and stain finishes on timber casement, sash and dual turn windows
  • Lifetime guarantee against discolouration on our white uPVC entrance doors
  • Lifetime guarantee against fog or condensation within the sealed unit of our uPVC doors, 70mm traditional composite doors and aluminium entrance doors
  • 30-year guarantee against rot or fungi on our timber doors
  • 25-year guarantee on the aluminium profile and the colour finish of our aluminium doors
  • 10-year guarantee as standard on the whole door across our range
  • Lifetime guarantee against fogging between the panes of double-glazed sealed units in our uPVC casement windows
  • Lifetime guarantee against discolouration of the white uPVC in our casement windows
  • 25-year guarantee on the profile and colour of our aluminium conservatories
  • 10-year comprehensive guarantee on all materials and workmanship
  • 2-year guarantee on painted finishes on our timber conservatories and orangeries
  • 10-year guarantee on all garage doors including the finish on steel and aluminium doors
  • 5-year guarantee on mechanical parts of automatic operator
  • 2-year guarantee on electronic parts of automatic operator
  • 12-month guarantee on exterior timber finish of timber garage doors