Our Guardian roof makes the ideal choice if you are not able to enjoy your conservatory due to dipping temperatures. Our conservatory roof replacement can make your space warm and pleasant besides saving on energy.

How is guardian warm roof unique?

Kindly take note, Oaktree Guardian Warm Roof is high on performance and made to last long. It offers the perfect environment you are looking for by insulating the space and eliminating the outside noise. With the light weight metro-tiles, you will no longer need to bear the sound of the heavy rainfall as well, that would otherwise be highly disturbing. 

Our Guardian roof achieves 0.16U value, is structurally sound and carries an engineer’s report. The sleek trims and capping make it visually appealing, so choose our conservatory roof replacement if you are looking for high functionality, energy efficiency and an attractive look.

We can cater to new builds and replacements of existing conservatory roofs. While the windows are available in several sizes, the stunning roofs also come in various models to choose from. We are exceptionally professional and suggest the best one for your conservatory, however finally it is for you to decide. We make our guardian roof to suit your requirements and install it in the shortest possible time.

We have done Conservatory Guardian roofing for several new builds and replaced hundreds in Darlington and the North East, thus best know the preferences of the people in our area. We are striving to make green conservatory spaces and contribute toward the environment by saving energy.

Enjoy a calm and warm conservatory with our guardian roof!

Why not talk to us today if you’re interested in the Guardian warm roof solution in Darlington or the North East? 

System Benefits

Rapid Installation

Installed by one of our Team Guardian Registered Installers, the whole conservatory roof installation only takes a few days and is completed with minimum disruption your home.

Engineered for Quality

Each Guardian Warm Roof is engineered precisely to your individual requirements and pre-assembled under controlled factory conditions to ensure the highest quietly before delivery to site.

Energy Efficient

It has been independently proven that Guardian Warm Roof can save you money on your engird bills, using high performance insulation that achieves a superior U-value of only 0.18 W/m.K (England & Wales) and 0.15 W/m.k (Scotland)

Reduces Noise & Sun Glare

Your new room will be quiet and comfortable all year round as any rain . weather noise will be eliminated.The Guardian roof also significantly reduces sun glare, which in turn prevents sun bleaching to fixtures and fittings, removing the need to fit blinds to the windows of your conservatory.

Temperature Control

A Guardian Warm Roof regulates the temperature of your conservatory to ensure it's a pleasant temperature whatever the season.The high-performance insulation guarantees lifetime thermal performance. Ensuring your room is economical to heat.

Complete Peace of Mind

The Guardian roof is a superb system and is LABC and LABSS approved.

We are approved Guardian installers

Why Install a Guardian Warm Roof?

  • Full LABC and LABSS approval
  • Conservatory Roof conversion in just a few days
  • Perfect for new-build or replacement conservatory roofs
  • Contributes to improved SAP calculations
  • A patented, guaranteed product
  • Structurally sound conservatory, carrying full engineers report
  • An extensive range of conservatory roof tile finishes and colours
  • Achieves an incredible thermal U-Value of 0.18W/m2K
  • Conservatory roof Pitches as low as 15 degrees
  • Visually spectacular conservatory with sleek trims and cappings
  • Conservatory roof windows available in a wide range of sizes and style Perfect for any size and type of conservatory including:
  • Edwardian, Victorian, P-Shape and Lean-To Conservatories
Guardian Warm Roof
The Guardian Roof is LABC approved!
We are approved Guardian installers

We are approved Guardian installers. Check us out on the official Guardian Website.

Guardian Warm Roof is the first and only approved conservatory roof replacement system available in the UK today.