Oaktree Durham

To call the North East England city of Durham pretty would be putting it mildly. It is arguably one of the most visually appealing cities in the country – and that is largely due to its high number of striking historical buildings, including the world famous Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle, a former residence of hugely influential Bishops of Durham. So, if you live in Durham, you can consider yourself very lucky indeed. Amazingly, though, you can make living in Durham even more special – by having high-quality windows, doors, a conservatory and other products supplied and installed by the local company Oaktree Home Improvements in your home. 

Oaktree can make a great historical city even better

Think of Durham and you instantly think of history. You think, for example, of Durham University, which was founded in 1832, when the then Bishop of Durham donated his residence of the castle to the university. You also think of the Norman Cathedral, the fame of which has spread due to its appearances in well known films including ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopger’s Stone’ and ‘Elizabeth’. Both the castle and cathedral can still be clearly seen from many parts of Durham. It is therefore a pleasure to be able to continue seeing it even when there is heavy rain or snow. 

Yes, you can easily continue seeing it in such weather – from a conservatory or through a window that has been installed in your Durham home by experts from Oaktree. This company is based in nearby Darlington and, from there, staff can easily travel to your home in Durham to supply and install a conservatory, windows, doors, conservatory roofs or GRP flat roofs. Furthermore, they can do it at a time that suits you especially well – we know how busy many people can be. 

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